Saturday, 4 January 2014

The resolution will not be televised

Hi guys! Happy new year!

I definitely still have post-Christmas denial.. as all the decorations start to get boxed back up and the tv specials start to disappear from iplayer all I want is tinsel and hot chocolate :(
One of the only non-Christmassy things that relunctantly made me accept January is now happening is Sherlock returning. I didn't realise it was such a hyped show until I saw the twitter TORNADO it caused on new years day... I'd never actually seen it before Christmas (although I'd been told I should watch it loads, blame Breaking bad) so on boxing day I sat down (with a season's worth of chocolate) and caught up. 

Now I've watched the newest ep and I'm Sherlocked like everyone else, hooray!

here's the sketch of Sherlock & Watson that I posted to twitter a few days ago, and also the new coloured version in which I fixed some things like the OTT-ness of Sherlock's hair :)

As for the new year's resolutions, I kind of wanted to make fun of the idea a bit, because although they can be a good way to kick yourself up the arse sometimes, some people seem to make crazy goals for themselves and then beat themselves up about not sticking to them (see: insane fad diets, killer exercise plans...wanting more sleep??)

Since I found *this* wonderful board on pinterest yesterday, I decided to create these warm-up doodles in a picture book kind of style. Featuring animals and silly ideas:

IN 2014, WHY NOT... 

If I think of any more I shall post 'em, my resolution this year is to draw more so hopefully I will be posting more too ;)

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