Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Illo Resources: 3 crazy-useful Photoshop brush sets!

Mmkay, so I’m really trying to stick to drawing every day this year, surprisingly so far I have. Some are just crappy roughs or for top secret projects (like secret7’s) but here’s a spacey one I drew t’other day – she gives no f*ck about the impending invasion. 

The main point of this post is that I wanted to link y'all to some fantastic PS brushes (some even free), that may come in handy for future illustration projects.

For people who don’t know much about PS brushes (and I’m in no way an expert) ‘brushes’ allow people with drawing tablets to mimic a lot of traditional mark making, which is sorely lacking in the default brush option on Photoshop. The biggest (and possibly only) problem with brushes is that it’s FAR more fun actually messing around with them and creating things than writing about them (that’s my excuse...) and the fact some only work on the newest PS versions.


you can make your own brushes, I have tried to make some before, by scanning in textures and random nature-y things like shells and feathers, then sampling them to try to make brushes – basically a way to repeat your texture or whatever just by dragging your mouse or tablet around, I wasn't very good at making many.

Luckily it turns out there are some incredibly talented and selfless people out there, willing to share their expert brush-making with the world. If you do decide to buy/download any of these brushes, when you go to use your tablet the mark you’re making could be almost anything *magical dream stare*

It could be a HB pencil, or watercolours, or charcoal, or OILS, or sponges or or or or Endless. There are probably lots more amazing brushes out there that I’m going to miss from this post, because I have only stumbled over a bunch of them so far but the ones I’m featuring here have been, according to other art-minded twitterers, the best they’ve ever used. And you should take full advantage of them too!
It doesn’t matter if you don’t end up using them all, pencils and biros will always be no.1 to me....but call it digital curiosity.

(it goes without saying that each of these featured people are super talented artists)

Kyle T Webster - This megapack Kyle has compiled has it all. Over 90 BRUSHES in one set! To me it was a no-brainer, you get ALL THE THINGS for a very reasonable price. It's like being spoilt for choice in a very geeky way. You can find even more brush sets & packages on Kyle's page here (some pay-what-you-want) with more updates to come! (he also a salsa-dancing-magician-y-musician!)


Frenden - Frenden has also come up with various kick ass brushes, some that work on other programmes too. My pick for this blog are his Inking & Penciling set. The lines are so clean, inking has never been so relaxing :P


Gerald Kelley - I love the scratchy texture of Gerald's Crow Quill brush and the fact he's even put it up for free download! I can imagine it'd be perfect for cross-hatching and adding lots of scales on dragons.

I hope you enjoy their sets! This is the piñata horse I ended up sketching when I was trying out loads of them at once, I definitely had sweets on the brain.


P.S. annoyingly my faithful laptop has decided to die a death... In the meantime I don’t really have access to the creative suite or anything so bear with me. Toshiba's laptop fans and cooling system are notorious rascals.

Feel free to hit me with Things you create with these sets or more great brushes to get too if you like! Happy sketching!

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