Thursday, 5 December 2013

Well, that escalated quickly


I used to get pissed off when I found someone's site or blog and they hadn't updated in like a year, it looked like they forgot it even existed or took up a far more exciting hobby like rock I am that person, sorry. Also I suck at rock climbing and suck even more at abseiling.

I'm sure you don't care about excuses, which is good because it saves me typing..

mostly I've been too busy doing the kind of stuff it's good to blog about to actually reflect much on it, which is great (except for this). I'm still at Red Rose Chain, they've held me hostage for the past few months with an awesome job and lots of shiny exciting things, hopefully many more to come :-)

and now it's December, I'm about to turn a year older and I've had a ridiculous year.
the best kind of ridiculous. 
The kind of year that feels like a russian doll, a year within a year within a year.

SO much has happened. 
even after that last blog about how much was happening.

Here's a quick run-down of some stuff just since August using capitals as if I was yelling everything:


(not in any kind of order)

and here's some photos of those things!
Amsterdam! that's me surrounded by some lovely graffed walls & Muse lyrics

Uni London show! Setting up our design/illo work at the Coningsby gallery :)

UCS Design auction! The Level 6 group raised a crazy amount & I bagged some lovely things, MASSIVE book on Art Nouveau & festive print by Christoph Niemann.

I also started designing some t-shirts that will eventually be available to people who want to be less-naked in everyday life, a range of pattern-y animals!

a few more things I got my hands on

Ok, that's enough for now I think...but I should be posting again before Christmas.. Maybe show you a sneak peek of the programme I'm designing for The Magic Fishbone! 

and Christmas cards, exciteddddd!

More soon!
(but how soon is now?)
(that joke isn't funny anymore)
(ok I'll stop now)

Sarah x

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