Thursday, 1 August 2013

Red Rose Chain! or 'How to shut me up for a whole month'

I don't even know what to say...

so much has happened in a month it's a bit unreal.
but of course I haven't blogged at all, although you may have seen the occasional tweets from me (at least on my own account, the company one never stops!) but that's about it. 

Like any normal person I contemplated running away to Mexico after uni, because what else do graduates do?
Thankfully I got a job with the (wonderful) Red Rose Chain instead, so I didn't have to buy a new passport afterall.

I became their new Marketing assistant/Design assistant & it has been a whirlwind of busy-ness just the way I like it since I started the job in June. I've gotten to design or help to design loads of things for the Theatre in the Forest show (pics to follow), along with marketing that I hope will help the show to grow bigger and bigger because they deserve it.

All the cast and crew I have met so far have been so great to get to know, although I have been more-shy-than-normal starting out from scratch in a new place without originally knowing anyone. But it was bound to be like that at first and we all seem to share the same sense of humour so that's all that really matters.

*puts marketing cap on*
You should see our Theatre in the Forest show - The Taming of the Shrew.
It doesn't matter if you don't particularly like Shakespeare.
In fact it might be even BETTER if you don't because then the reaction you have to the show may be even greater and we will convert you into a lover of the 'Speare through Hot pants, and Puppets and Hilarious Jamaican etc. accents!

did I mention it's also at Jimmy's Farm?

Seriously. The Taming of the Shrew is personally one of my favourites anyway, because I *like* the debate and 'controversy' that surrounds it; and Joanna Carrick's version (aka Red Rose's version) makes Kate as gutsy and strong-willed as her partner-in-crime husband Petruchio throughout, therefore making the play an incredibly watchable display of one-upmanship. Couple that with the fact the cast plays multiple characters and this is no traditional period costume rendition (although it still stays forever faithful to the original text), makes it a must see. For you, for me, for kids, for grandparents. Gogogogo.

You will leave appreciating Shakespeare more than before, stubborn teenage boys welcome and encouraged.

but, if you don't believe me (cheers), then have a look at our twitter or Reviews page to see what Real Reviewers thought.

Ok, now I've successfully sold the show to you (hopefully) here's some photos!

camera phone shot of the crowd before Friday's show started:

The massive board (this photo doesn't do it justice, computer hated me):

The Taming of the Shrew full page ad in print in Vanilla magazine:

Shrew tshirts I designed for us to sell at the shows (adults and kids sizes available!) I bought one even if I didn't have to, proud to have it hanging there:

and the one-off design I created for our marketing shrew to wear:

That is literally just a handful of the things I've worked/helped work on...but there's no way I could fit everthing into one blog post.
The only bit of drawing I have really done recently is this post-it note doodle during lunch the other week...need to get back on sketchbooking in the evenings again to make sure I don't stop practicing!

I know I have been crap at updating while all this madness (sparta) was going on, but now I've settled in a bit I will try to blog a lot more and even post some new illos up soon.

and maybe some photos from the Not for Rental exhibit.. because I did get down there afterall and bought THIS awesome Old Boy vid case art by Pietari Posti 

and finally while I'm at it here's the surprise tikki shot glasses I whipped up for my fellow rum-appreciator friend Am for her tikki party a few weeks ago:

More soon!
(But how soon is now?)


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