Monday, 3 June 2013

Paint the town

Woah! just noticed that I passed 9000 views, thank you to everyone who's spied on my illustrator-y shenanigans! I really appreciate it.
(pictures or it didn't happen)

anyway, following on from yesterday's big uni-related splurge here's some new personal work, I loved getting the chance to just sit down in front of a sketch book and see what tumbled out of my brain, of course it's always hard taking what your mind's eye can see and putting it on paper.

I'll post the degree show aftermath blog some time after Thursday (probably not Friday.. depending on celebratory hangover) 

I think I forgot to post this one anywhere but facebook, but it's got the most views so clearly everyone secretly suspects pigeons are using instagram...

Keeping on the birds theme, this came together as a way to try and de-stress/de-worry(?) about becoming a newly fledged graduate, the idea that jumping in is as exciting as it is scary. I was really inspired by Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen for this one.

next up is this piece I made yesterday, inspired by my uber-love for street art & graffiti. The idea was rattling round in my head for a while but could never find a spare day to experiment with it. Spray can afro 'Paint the town' - a mixture of hand drawn outlines, scanned spray paint and PS :)

if you're feeling a spendy summer coming on, I've just added this design to my Society6 shop as a print, and more fun things like cushions and phone covers:

Finally here's a sneak peak at what I'm working on at the moment, expect lots more personal work now that I'm finally done being educated! (Until I sign up for a Masters...haha)

Degree show blog coming soon!

Hope you're all having a good soon-to-be summer


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