Saturday, 1 June 2013

End of year/uni/degree massive roundup!

I'm really sorry for the silence guys, I reckon you understand the final-year manic rush around, but I still missed updating this place and it means this blog is going to be FULL of things.

Even after the dissertation was finished I had to finish putting together the pieces you will be seeing during our degree show (which is this Thursday, if you can make it!) which was far more stressful than I thought, and left me needing a holiday!

Thankfully Symmetry festival was on before the usual festival run, so I got a fantastic weekend away last week and came back feeling ready for this 'real world' I've heard so much about :P

I have tried to keep posting to twitter and my facebook page in the meantime, but here I can actually go into more depth and post moar images, which is why you're all really here right? (we're all out of cake...)

SO, what have I been up to? Well in-between uni work I recently completed a series of designs for CSV Action East to be used in the University of East Anglia, all about uni stress, something I know very well ;)

Just incase you're interested in initial sketches etc. here are some of the initial concepts I sent to the client, to help give clearer options about what they may choose or discard, depending on how literal vs. creative they wanted the final outcomes to be.

Once I got the feedback on which options the client prefered I set to work, here are the final designs:

Shortly after the final designs were delivered, a lovely thank you package came through the post from Laura at CSV! 

Including photos from the day's events where many of the postcards were handed out to students as the team gave advice

I love working with CSV and hope to do so again in the future!

Back to uni-related new things, a month ago a handful of our TCM posters were selected and framed for display in the uni library (about as rock 'n' roll as it gets)

It's hard to get a non-glare photo with my phone, but here's the whole line up plus a close-up of my Moulin Rouge design. This is the first time I've had one of my designs framed fancily with shiny glass and I am very humbled by it all. I still think it's a shame there were only six spaces though, our whole group made some great work.

I have more personal work to show you guys but I don't want this blog feeling never-ending, so I'll wrap this one up with tales of chocolate (best way!) & make a new one tomorrow.

So, I saw a call out on twitter t'other day for a BAFTA draw competition, simply submit a picture of a british tv/film personality you admire and you could win one of those uber-over the top gift baskets all the celebrities get when they attend the BAFTAs. How could I not give that a try?? I decided to submit my David Tennant Dr Who.

Anyway I definitely didn't win, but was a runner up and so they sent me some tiddly bafta chocolates and an awesome gold leaf letterhead congrats card :)

The envelope had a massive tear when I got it who knows a sneaky postman may be out there holding the holy grail of the BAFTAs...

More soon!


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