Friday, 19 April 2013

Reprise Centre

Hey guys!

I managed to find a few minutes to post up some of the WIP work from my current project, everyone chose their own brief and I decided to create a music therapy centre for dementia you do.

The more I researched into music therapy the more I knew that it scientifically *works* and I decided the project had some sort of potential for promoting the benefits.

One of my final products is going to be an info pack, a twist on the kind you may get from a doctor or care home etc. when a loved one has a serious illness. I researched into packs aimed at kids and they were virtually non-existent, the one I did find was uber patronising, so I realised I needed to make a kids pack too.

So, this info pack is going to include a bigger booklet for the content primarily aimed at adults (although it can still be read as a family), and then smaller card-shaped booklets that fold out for the extra kids part, which will include more illustrations.

Here is the initial design for the front of the info pack at the moment - it's going to be printed on heavy duty stock and open up to reveal a pocket where the booklets are kept, along with any other important documents you want to keep altogether.

and here are some of the illustrations for the kid's pack so far,
the first set are all about some of the changes that dementia brings on like becoming lost or confused more easily:

The next foldout is about little things the child can do with their grandma/dad that make a big positive impact to them, there's still one more I need to finish about scrap books but here's the completed two so far:

I'm also designing the look for the website for the centre, here's a screenshot of what the homepage looks like:

Ok, I don't want to give everything'll have to come to our degree show if you want to see the rest ;)

I might put up a progress pic of the headphones packaging but the rest is a surprise!

Also before I forget, PICK ME UP the amazing graphic arts festival is currently running in London from yesterday until the 28th. I am going to try my damndest to get down there this year (because I still haven't managed to catch it yet thanks to yearly uni deadlines) and highly recommend you try too so we can both soak up the awesomeness/feel self-loathing at how good everyone is!

I will definitely report back with a lil' review of the show here if I do,
will also put up pics of the UEA work soon, busybusybusy just how I like it.


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