Monday, 8 April 2013

I can't write no, dissertation

The title of the blog comes from THIS great youtube vid I found when I was at a low point searching for things like 'HATE DISSERTATION' 'die dissertation die' and 'how not to freak out during your dissertation'. 

luckily the added panic of my ever-looming deadline was enough to make me finish it.


so, despite the title I am now FREE, and sadly since it was more writing than visual (8,000 words more) the only thing I can really show you that's slightly interesting is the cover:

and this is how it looked once I printed it all out...about 30 pages of (hopefully good) content :s

It was pretty hellish but still not as bad as I thought it could've been, I did enjoy my topic and some of the research, but I still wouldn't write another one if you paid me :P
once and never again.

The topic I chose to look at was picture books, but in particular picture books that people have for whatever reason branded as scary or frightening over the years.
'Where the Wild things are' had a lot of influence (as seen in the cover) and so did older illustrators like Edward Gorey and Charles Addams. I also discovered the work of Bob Staake, who still uses an ancient version of photoshop that doesn't use layers, MADNESS.

Now the dissertation is over, I can get back on with my big final graphics project which is the branding/promotion/literature of a Music therapy centre for people with dementia, trying to make the idea of a care home into a place that people WANT to be in is a pretty big challenge.

but I like a challenge.
and I've seen what dementia does.. so any way I can bring about some positivity through this is my biggest aim.

I will blog lots of WIP things for that brief in the coming weeks,
as well as a new project for CSV Action East - this time for posters & postcards for the UEA, all about uni stress which is easy to relate to haha.
but for now, have this brown bear in the woods :)

p.s. I've been updating my pinterest with lots of designers and illustrators that do amazing work, I don't tend to post other people's art on here out of respect for copyright but I do look at a LOT every day.
Recently these two illustrators have caught my attention:
Amazing colour schemes & lots of progress posts - Christina Ung
I love her rough style (and she draws dragons) - Catherine Rayner

More soon!



  1. OMG your dissertation cover looks so cool!!! Good luck but im sure you don't need it! I hated doing mine it was such a struggle writing 4.500 words :( I used think that was a lot before I did my dissertation but it was nowhere near enough.

    1. Thank you! and thank you for the luck! I really wanted to bind it like a real picture book too through Blurb but I would have had to have finished the writing part a lot earlier!

      Yeh I know what you mean, last year we had to do a 4000 word essay too and it was so hard to finish it! Had no idea how I was gonna write twice that much.. but I really wanted that degree! haha :)

    2. It looks awesome! We weren't allowed to have a cover. It had to be bound in a set way - black hardback. How boring for a designer right! How's the degree show going?

    3. Really?? Ah man that sucks, we had to have some official set out title pages at the beginning of ours but we were told we should design the thing itself to make it more enjoyable to read!
      I suppose the only good point is that in that case the whole judgement over the piece is down to the content.

      The degree show is coming along well, we're not having the London one until November so that can be sorted nearer the time, but the local one is in full swing just trying to get the promotion sorted so people actually hear about it haha :)
      How is your card and accessories business going? x