Sunday, 3 February 2013


Goodbye January, I'm glad to see you go.

Hey guys, I've started my new (big big) final uni project so updates will happen just not sure how regularly, also trying (and mostly failing) to write my dissertation, so busy business as usual.

Anyway, I saw Django recently and really want to design a poster for it (once I have a few free days 'off') but for now here's a quick speed painting/sketch of the man with the silent D *click to embiggen*

To be honest I don't always like Tarantino's films..but this one is all kinds of amazing and you should watch it. Stop reading this blog. and go watch it. Then come back.

Enjoy it? Ok good! back to the illos

The second is an idea I got stuck in my head a few days ago, and since my new uni project is also about music it made a lot of sense :) here's a songbird for you.

More soon!


  1. I saw Django a few days ago and thought it was awesome. I am a fan of Taranrino movies, they are a bit wierd though sometimes. Cool speed painting of him. Also watched Argo - brilliant, you should watch that too.

    1. Thanks! yeh I think it is a really great film - he manages to address plenty of serious themes in a way that doesn't sugar coat anything but still remains watchable. I don't even like westerns but that style just worked so well! Ah I will check out Argo, have heard lots of great things but still haven't watched it yet