Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sketchy post

Hey guys, I have the January blues atm so here are some older sketches I found when trawling through my old hard drive...

this came from a joke my friend Jenny made when this song first came out, because you can barely understand what Drake is singing/rapping half the time :P

Rebecca Black singing Friday on Sesame Street, the horror.

a sketch for the film witchboard to see if I could get the fancy lettering right

Amy pond, at the time I didn't think she looked right, but now I look back a bit less harshly. Might finish this pic off with colour some day....
and finally here are some character designs for some Adam Ants I created for a uni project last year, sadly can't find a file with the pirate-ant coloured in

the heads were all separated from the bodies so each could be animated to dance individually.

I also added a page where you could choose your own icecream, with optional flakes and star topping etc. which appear as you click :)

Ok, that's some older stuff out of the way, make way for the new things!

Also, quote of the day from Neil Gaiman, his New year's resolution:
'bravery and joy'

I think that sums it up nicely.

More soon!

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