Friday, 21 December 2012


Or 'How I managed to sleep through the apocalypse and love the lay-ins'
Woke up at 11.30 (first lay-in in FOREVER) and I'm really glad the world is still here.

Went to the docs on wednesday and found out I have bronchitis, which is why this post is a few days late and explains my hot-mess feeling. But I should be ok again soon, hopefully in time to celebrate christmas, birthday and new years in style next week!

I also bought myself an xmas jumper/cardigan yesterday because I've been wanting one for AGES, it has skulls on it instead of reindeer but you can't win 'em all. Here's the illustrated version:
Now for the exciting catch up!
You might've seen me on twitter a few weeks ago *linking* to our International Design & Illustration auction myself and fellow final year uni students hosted on the 13th, I'm happy to say it was a massive success! We had over 30 lots of signed and limited edition work including posters and prints from renowned people like Gerald Scarfe, Pentagram USA, Jonathan Barnbrook, Primo Angeli, Brian Grimwood, George Underwood, James Jean, Alexandra Ball, Philip Bannister, Russell Walker, Nigel Ball, Anke Weckmann etc. etc. and managed to raise a whopping £1,800+ to put towards our degree show!
You may see us exhibiting in London if things turn out right! I am mega excited and proud.

Here are a few pics from the night, plus this one of our promotional set up in the waterfront building:

A selection of the Brian Grimwood pieces on offer: 

the table full of biddable goodies:

setting up the screen and microphone before everyone arrived

Hosting an art auction turned out to be a really rewarding process, I'd love to host more illustration themed events in the future!

Onwards and backwards -
Here are my TCM posters in progress, the brief was to choose 5 films from a list of 200 or so and use them create a new film season, then design two posters advertising the season either as a whole or concentrating on the featured films separately. I chose the latter (although I want to create an example of the former option if I can find time), these are for Moulin Rouge! and From Hell:

and here are some shots of almost everyone's posters in progress on the wall together: 

The penguin bookmarks and Churchill stationery set still need to be worked on a little before I put them up here, but should be very soon :)

I should be posting again before NYE, but either way I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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