Monday, 26 November 2012

"take the red pill, take the blue pill, heck just take all the pills!"

Hey guys, this is going to be a real quick entry tonight because everything is still going full (light)speed ahead as I'm getting close to the end of the year uni deadlines, but the good news is soon I can show you all the *Things* I've been making, like letterheads and posters!

Right now I'm looking to get some bookmarks made for my next uni project, so if anyone has any experience with custom bookmark printing please let me know :)

Ok, so here are my illos for today, this was just a fun one 'Wonka-thompson' or 'Thompson-wonka' (wasn't sure which sounded better) because I originally tried to draw out this idea when I was about fifteen but had thompson and wonka as separate characters and it all just went a bit wrong. I think my hand-drawing has improved since then

I posted this second illo up on twitter a few days ago but for anyone who hasn't seen it, it was just a little something for Movember, since I felt a bit left out not being able to grow a 'tache. Then saw The gallery of Mo and thought I'd love to get involved but am just too damn busy. I really do love drawing octopi, so I decided to dub this self portrait Oct-o-Movember instead! 

More soon. same bat time, same

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