Saturday, 17 November 2012

inky people are the best kind

Hey everyone, felt a bit inspired this week after the UCS Image conference and Brian Grimwood exhibition talk, so I got out my inks again and started drawing

here's two illustrations of people I know, I'm going to colour them in psychedelic-type colours and give them to the guys as christmas cards this year ;)

Matt with stormy hair-sea boat, and Chris with smiley face button
both done with ink and stick, from life in 10 min sessions.

Also I still can't show you the TCM posters I'm working on right now (all in due time!) but here's some inky 'From Hell' prostitutes that I'm using for my second poster:

Oh and some absinthe

The other poster I'm focusing on is for Moulin Rouge! Which is super fun mixed with super pressure because it is hands down one of my absolute favourite films so I really want to do it justice.

The Image conference was a big success, I wrote down loads of quotes from the speakers (because this seems to be how I take notes these days, oh dear) and doodled the backs of many people's heads.

the main quotes I will share with you are these, hopefully they are relatable/inspiring/new:

"You need to have something to say" RE: your work - Roderick Mills

"When I spend time looking I don't spend time doing" RE: timesuck internet - Jon Yeo
"don't draw what you see, draw what you want to see" - Brian Grimwood
"You can't separate what you believe in from what you put in your work" - Jonathan Barnbrook
"be brave" - all

Some of the comments made may have seemed simple or even common sense, but just hearing them from the mouths of real professionals makes the whole thing a lot more Real. I am almost looking forward to graduating now (but there's still a helluva lot to be done, I'll think about that after my dissertation is finished!)
Anyway, enough babble for now, mega busy (nothing changes..) but will do another update soon! 

to end with here's a pic of me (second from right) with lots of my close uni friends and the gracious and awesome Mr Grimwood at his private view on Tuesday night (we were full of wine by this point, everything as it should be!)

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