Saturday, 13 October 2012

more cushion for the pushin'

Hey guys, I will post another sketchy entry real soon, but right now I have something BIG to tell you about.
You may have seen me shout it from the rooftops of twitter but since uni has kept me so busy (already!) I've only just had chance to do a quick blog post about this!

Basically I entered a competition a while back on the wonderful Ohh Deer's website (full of funny quirky illustrations) to design a new cushion/pillow cover for their online shop, & if selected, also their stockists such as Tate Modern and the Design Museum to name a few.. I am now in the second round of voting and Ohh Deer are now MAKING my design (along with others) on real cushions that you can really really buy. I'm over the moon.

Ofcourse the competition isn't over yet - my cushion is up for 2 more weeks on the site, if it sells well I'll win that dream job of designing THINGS with weird and wonderful characters on. ALL THE THINGS.

SO, this is where you guys come in!

Here's my design:

I would be ETERNALLY grateful if you guys could check it out and if you like the design maybe order one (or two)... they'd make an excellent (xmas) gift for a loved one or an excellent weapon to smother your enemies...

I would also be super grateful for any sharing, liking, spreading, reposting, reblogging, re...minding people that they should buy this awesome cushion so they can sit anywhere in style!

I also get a percentage of each of these sales, which keeps me from going broke and gives everyone involved a fair deal!

(I hear you cry)


I will also post a pic of mine when it arrives to tempt you further! ;)

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