Sunday, 21 October 2012

cushioning the blow, and trout hearts

ok, ok, that pun was worse than the last one, but I couldn't help it :P

as promised, here's a picture of me with my ohh deer pillow! It arrived a few days ago and was even bigger than I thought, plus the quality is seriously impressive, I'm using it right now to ease my back from doing laptop-work all day..

(I had to crouch down to get in shot because I have no self-timer skills)

This is the final week of the competition so PLEASE if your sofa is looking bare, you're stuck for an xmas present for someone already or you just want to treat yourself then buy one of these lovely cushions and it will...cushion the blow of wintery coldness!  

I can't thank the people that have already ordered enough but...Thank You. 
I'm so glad you like the design and are enjoying it in cushion-form!

here's the link again for anyone who might of missed it
as always sharing/liking/spreading is *very* appreciated.

Also as promised, something totally different and sketchy, which is a tattoo design idea that I started for someone I was talking to through an android app (the future is now!) and since it changed a lot in the final version I thought I'd just post up this WIP pic - I especially like the contrasting pinks and blues in this. For a bit of context the tattoo is inspired by the song Trout Heart Replica (banner is a bit of a giveaway) and in turn the design is inspired by the sharpie trout art by imtherealamanda via instagram. art is art is art :)

and the parrot is from a uni project, he was originally being foul-mouthed about WWII but that's less fun.

More Churchill/WWII things to come in the next week or so, I'm trying to make branded matchboxes so we'll see how that goes...

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