Thursday, 13 September 2012

Breaking Bad, Amanda Palmer and mad hatters

new things!

I've wanted to do an illo for Breaking bad ever since I started watching it (and am now up caught up) a few months ago.

I wanted to find a nice reference pic that wasn't super-typical or just walt and jesse standing next to eachother (although I was tempted) I wanted to try a more challenging angle - and this one was in a circle which I thought would look really cool.

So, here it is a a WIP

since I'm giving myself the time to finish this one in stages I will hopefully properly finish it by giving it depth through colour, will post when done :)

Also, for anyone who checks out my twitter etc. you will already know that I keep banging on about Theatre Is Evil, Amanda Palmer's newest album; BUT there is a very good reason, and that reason will become apparent if you head over here *link* and pay whatever you like (or nothing at all) to hear it. It is worth it. You will dance and possibly cry. /endpersuasion

ok, but either way, I sketched her and the band because their costumes are awesome

 as for the mad hatter (or mad hattress which I prefer) that's what I'm dressing as for a birthday bonanaza this weekend and I decided to customise my tea cup. So I bought a really cheap one for £2 and then painted this on it..

the flash ruins a bit of the detail though :/

More soon!

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