Friday, 31 August 2012

to the zoo!

That's where I went for a (way-more-expensive-than-I-remember-it) wander today, to collect some reference photos of lots of great animals.

I then came back and used ink to draw some of them, these are all done semi-realistically but later on I'd like to try some character design and distort them all a bit more...later.

These also aren't coloured but I am le tired - it's now 1.25 in the am, and we spent about 3 hours there earlier getting our money's worth. ;)

So, here's a random handful of animals!

it decided to rain non-stop during the giraffe feeding ¬.¬

 lemurs are easily one of my favourite animals ever.

 red pandas are great too, but it's harder to tell in b&w

 it's impossible not to make an ostrich look like a disney villain btw

 elephants are another favourite

the penguins barely moved while we watched them..

 but the kangaroos/wallabies didn't stop jumping so, it evens out.

and then I got bored and made this hellish zoo mashup picture THING. enjoy

more to come soon when I'm feeling a bit moar motivated

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