Sunday, 8 July 2012

Monster slumber party

The theme for the Monday Artday blog submissions right now is 'slumber party' and I thought it was about time I created something for it since I haven't had time to post anything there in months&months.

Also because as soon as I heard the theme this idea popped into my head.
A monster slumber party where one of them is making creepy shadow puppets of people!
This was a super-quick sketch and photoshop job and I wanted to use some brushes that gave it a textured, messy effect. I really want to learn about/create more photoshop brushes but right now I'm still too busy. But I did pledge towards this awesome kickstarter
*link* that includes a bunch of brushes and some helpful tips on creating illustrations for (children's) books which I really want to get into.

Even though this was always meant to be a super quick thing I can totally see why designing monster characters (that don't look like every other monster character ever) takes so damn long. 

ALSO something that I definitely don't want to rush is this design idea for a new tattoo, it's of the Elephant building in Moulin Rouge - but turned into a real elephant.
I'm very indecisive when it comes to tattoos so I'm going to keep tweaking it until I'm happy with it and then figure out where on my body it could actually go...

I still want it to look quite sketchy when it's being inked, and I'm not a big fan of coloured tats so I have no idea whether to add a little or not; but the film is SO over-the-top colourful maybe I should hmmm. suggestions?

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