Monday, 4 June 2012

Trademark Wizardry work

Last week I was commissioned by Trademark Wizardry, a grassroots company who have just started up a dreadlocks care/application service, to design their logo and a business card idea.
I was happy to do it, I'm a hippy at heart and the initial ideas they pitched to me sounded really fun and imaginative.

With their permission I thought I'd show you some of the progress work behind these finished designs, because personally WIP posts always fascinate me - it's always nice to see the sketching process before the final piece.

So, with that in mind, the first step to creating this identity was to start sketching for a few hours. The basic idea contained in the brief was to include an unconventional wizard (no long beard, possibly female) with dreadlocks but keep some aspects of the magical feeling e.g. pointed hat, stars etc. 
Then I did some research, I looked into other dreadlock companies and their logos to make sure my logo would stand out and be a bit different from their current popular styles. 
Through this research I decided the brand's unique selling point (USP) would be the female wizard herself, it was now just a case of deciding how to render it.

The first approach I experimented with was giving the logo a feel of tribal art, the use of basic lines and patterns with little detail and although vectored I wanted the lines to be slightly jagged - as if it was a traditional carving. 

We then discussed possible colours and I created the final version of this design:
Using the blue dreads gives it a feeling the the unusual, as dreadlocks are typically the same colour as your natural hair, it is also purposely bright to attract attention. We decided that the logo would benefit from an element of hand drawn typography because the company itself is intimate and everything is done by hand - therefore I wanted to reinforce the idea that parts of this logo are hand made also.

Next I moved on to designing the look of the business card, the client wanted the card to be portrait rather than landscape (again another a-typical element behind the design) to resemble a playing card, with the wizard character illustrated in more detail this time. 

So yet again I researched into traditional playing cards, specifically the joker, and then started to draw possible different character profiles. Out of many sketches the four I put forward to the client to consider were these:

They seemed happy with each of the ideas, but the one they asked me to develop was the second option, they felt it had a good balance between the feeling of magic and the focus of the dreadlocks.
So I neatened up the original sketch and placed it into illustrator, then traced around it with my wacom tablet.

Then I brought the outline into photoshop to colour it and apply some textures
This is the basic look of the card, there are still lots of things that need to be changed; the black outline around the character is too bold so I will colour them to give the wizard character a softer feel, the typography of 'Wizardry' is too wide compared to 'Trademark' etc. 

This is the final design, the card itself was seen to be too bare during the last revision so I added a starred border on either side to keep in with the overall theme. 
Due to the very different styles between the logo and this card, I went back and created a logo using this same design to keep the branding consistent.

and that's it, the type can be transferred to the side of the illo for banners/limited space etc. and each work separately or can be displayed together.

I had a lot of fun with this brief and hope I get to work on many more creative logos/identities in the future!

Hope everyone is enjoying bank holiday/Queen's jubilee weekend, I went to Strawberry fair on Saturday and plan to continue the party spirit for a few days to come! ;)


  1. Cool logo design. I love logos that are bright and vibrant like that and your work also has a bit of quirky-ness too which is great.

    Ps, I have an award for you on my blog

    1. Ah thankyou for the award! :)
      and thanks it's nice some of the quirk still comes through even in my non-personal work