Friday, 15 June 2012

Degree show and Danish sandwiches!

Sadly there were no danish sandwiches *at* the degree show, but maybe next time.

So, that charity work took a few more days than I thought it would, I won't post the final poster design just yet (because it's going through the marketing department right now and it may get rolled out further than we thought, so I don't want to jinx it) but I can tell you that it was a team project for the British Red Cross and we're all very happy with the result :) (there are zombies involved, and custard!)

I'll make a proper post about it once we get the official go-ahead.

In other news, this year’s degree show!
(Mine is next year, ahhh)
It was a great night, I had worked on some prep for the show along with my friend/fellow designer Hannah, so I was completely shocked to win an award!
It was an honour to receive the Graham Scott medal for Creative Typography,
I feel sad that I didn't get to meet the man behind the medal, because everyone only has great things to say about him, but his memory lives on - and the medal is very very shiny.

and here's possibly the last bit of uni work from my last semester catch-up. It's the logo design for my theoretical Danish sandwich restaurant called Smørrebrød (Danish translation: open-faced sandwich). There is an art to creating these sandwiches and I tried to get that across in the illustration of the emblem itself. I wanted it to have a rustic, wooden feel which is why the typography is a little rough 'n' ready looking.

That's it for uni work for now! I have more personal work up my sleeves (and in my sketchbooks) so I shall post them up soon too, hope at least some of you aren't having a rainy June!

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