Saturday, 19 May 2012

New BIG blog update!

Hello everyone!

It's so nice to be back blogging and generally having a nice break from the MADNESS
that was 2nd year deadlines. I didn't sleep for two days, and neither did most of the people I know. Anyway, through all that horribleness some great things came out of it - so I thought I'd show you what's been eating up my time and spitting it back out as graphics/illustration work.

This is the design for my sock envelope, I had a look around and it may be the first envelope in the shape of a sock, ever. (and if it's not please don't crush my dreams)
anyway the concept behind this envelope is it's a way to donate your odd socks to charity (because we all know that washing machines love to eat your socks) and then these odd socks from all over the country (or world) are recycled into stuffing which make draught/draft excluders (these things) which are delivered to elderly people who cannot afford to heat their homes in an effort to keep them warm through the winters (and summers if you live in the Uk).
So basically by giving 'us' your unwanted sock you are a. recycling b. donating to charity and c. possibly saving lives. How nice is that?
That is the concept I came up with for my negotiated project, I seriously hope that one day I could possibly even make it a reality, if it was do-able?

 the envelope open

the envelope closed

and also the website design to go with it, the homepage

and the sock tracking page which lets you follow your odd sock the same way you track your domino's pizza, but less edible

I have other projects to show you as well, but to save this blog getting far too long I will stagger those posts throughout the week(s) (but I will be blogging more, waay more).

I also got some great things through the post recently,
the first being Lisa Currie's book! 
which I am looking forward to doodling all over in the coming weeks (and will put some of those pages up for the curious + as an incentive to go grab a copy yourselves)

and the second being an Awesome Merchandise(!) goody bag,
as one of their runner up winners for a picture of Yoda in draw something which took far longer than I'd like to admit...drawing with your fingers is wack yo.

the small mountain of stuff they gave me was...awesome.
it included the tote bag, a t-shirt, badges of every size ever, a lighter/bottle opener, poster, stickers..the list goes on and on. Basically if you need any merch printed they've got it all covered. 

Right, I think this post is long enough now, I still have a big backlog of Things To Blog so keep checking back, hope you guys are having a great early summer/month of may :)

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