Saturday, 26 May 2012

Misquotes Exhibition

One of the other uni related things I didn't mention yet was our level 5 end of year exhibition. The idea behind it was to choose a well known quote/phrase/lyric etc. and misquote it to give it a new context through design.
For example 'you had me at hello' becomes 'you had me at helvetica' and so on..

Here are some shots of all of us hanging up our work in Room One (creative name indeed)

Photo by Nigel Ball

Nathan helping to get my poster level with the rest of them
Photo by Annemarie Sewell

and then lots of people turned up! (mostly students)
Photo by Nigel Ball

it was a lot of fun, and there were millions of bagels. This is a clearer picture of my poster design - I went with 'Across the universe' by The Beatles, and turned it into the Univers typeface ;)

After helping to put this exhibition together along with the rest of my friends/peers I say... bring on next year for our degree show!

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