Wednesday, 23 May 2012

KICKSTARTER aka music + art = awesome

Hey guys, I've meant to blog about this for the past week or so but it all happened super-fast, but I couldn't not-mention it because it's pretty awesome.

Basically, one of my favourite musicians (Amanda Palmer) started a funding project on kickstarter recently to create their new album; I then watched in awe as the 10k goal was smashed within the first 24 hours! This post is not only to promote the artist and album but also the idea of kickstarter itself.
Her kickstarter now stands at over 700k and 17,000 backers, it's a beautiful thing. 
The idea you don't need a record label to be able to afford to produce your own album is an epic realisation, especially when being tied to a label sometimes means you get a lot less freedom to make whatever the hell you want, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

for just a dollar you can get a digital download of the whole new album when it drops in September; and the great thing about kickstarter is the more you choose to spend - the more cool shit the artist gives you in return. Merch, house parties, backer exclusives you name it.

I also supported East London reggae/ska/punk band The Skints do the same thing last year (on Pledge music), and I can safely say this is the future of music. Fans giving the bands money directly so they actually see a profit, and the fans get to support the artists to keep making beautiful music!

Even if you don't end up pledging/buying things for the album, hopefully I've inspired you enough to go and create your own kickstarter projects? With the right ideas and people to back you, pretty much anything is possible (and it's definitely easier than applying to Dragon's Den or The Apprentice).

Amanda's kickstarter page:

The Skints site: 

also, THE SUN'S OUT! time to grab a tan in the next 48 hours

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