Sunday, 12 February 2012

you sketchy thing, you sketchy thing you

^title is a genius pun for 'you sexy thing', and by genius I mean really bad.

anyway, it's sunday which means I finally found a bit of time to scan and blog things.

the first is an inky drawing of Joseph-Gordon Levitt, a.k.a. the hot talented guy in many indie films that now features in mahoosive flicks such as inception & 500 days of summer. I think at some point I will have to make an illo of all his different roles in one poster, like a tribute to the cool versions Derek Eads created with Johnny Depps (link) and Brad Pitts (link) etc.

until then..
I also tried to doodle a rowan atkinson-esque Blackadder, and the result was quite fun. 
He even has his pinky finger out, posh boy :p

 bit more detail:

that's it for now, but I have more things up my sleeve (other than tissues because I have a cold) to add on here over the week :)

Also I feel like I should create something (anti) valentines day this week...
watch this space (and then we can go drown our sorrows together).

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