Tuesday, 14 February 2012

it's that time of year again...

and here are the card ideas I came up with

Apologies for the poor image quality and fonts...just wanted to have a quick attempt at something in Illustrator and stick it up here in time ;) But I'll go back over these mock ups soon to create some final cards :)

hope everyone's having a non-sucky day!


  1. Only just came across these, they so funny! My mate Sarah at www.countdowntothebig30.blogspot.co.uk would love them, Ima tweet here right now about this.

    1. haha thank you, valentines is always a day of the year that needs something funny to offset all the hallmark lovey dovey-ness! I hope she likes them too, also I love her post on zines!

  2. HAHA love it! So much better than all those lovely dovey cards you see everywhere.