Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Just found out that it was hourly comic day, and that such a day even exists, so I thought I'd quickly doodle about my day today. Not all that eventful, but good practice to draw mac keyboards over and over and over again and still not make them look anything like real ones ;) It's a skill, I feel.

Although we did have a representative from the British Red Cross come and give us a mini presentation today, so it wasn't all bad.
Soo here was my day -

wake up to find out last year's results, me and Am feel sadface about them

super-fast mission to uni, trying to keep warm in the -2ish weather

Our tutor explains about our next brief (pitching)
and that Martin from the British Red Cross will be giving
us a talk about our potential project

Martin arrives, says he's naff at presentions and
doesn't support a football team in the spirit of neutrality
(any reason is a good reason imo)

a non-liquid lunch in the student bar

& some actual work in the mac suite... least for an hour :P

come to the dark side, we have cookies


even colder rush home, fuuuuuuu-

munching chocolate and preparing for a night in front of the telly

finding out about this whole thing through twitter, and then
sketching the sketch of me sketching this sketch *inception style*

being on the phone to the council with generic hold music.
If you want me to listen to your hold music, at least be inventive about it.
Virgin Media rickrolled me once, that was much better.

and that's it, I'm bored of drawing poorly drawn doodles to represent the epic-ness *cough* that was my day. And from now on all you would get are hourly updates to my tv schedule.
I want to spare you that much at least!

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