Friday, 17 February 2012

folded faces & familiar places

Recently I've started drawing on receipts, they always get crumpled up and stuffed in my purse and I thought I'd rather try and doodle on them than just let them multiply in my bag.
Since they're always scrunched up I use that shape as a starting point and see what I can come up with, here are two from yesterday 

and here are a few sketches of the room I have my monday morning lectures in, because it's good practice for desks and doors :p

Also I just sent off a pinterest invite request, I feel not-quite-right about putting up other people's art on this blog, even with credits and everything I'd just feel it could become a copyright issue SO once I have an account set up I will create a nice little folder for any art inspirations I stumble across because there is a LOT of amazing (illustration) art out there and I visually hoard quite a lot of it! Once it's set up I'll link it here incase any of you are interested :)

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