Thursday, 19 January 2012

Another Year

So, it's 2012 now! Pretty exciting stuff (unless you count the possible end of the world...)
I was going to make a new post yesterday, but with all the SOPA/PIPA protesting going on I figured I'd rather twitter related links all morning (since I'm non-american and can't call a senator), links like this one which I shall call WTF is SOPA/PIPA? 
which has a handy dandy graphic design-y video. It explains it far better than I could.
But yeah in summary SAVE THE INTERNET from bills with weird acronym names that think censoring the whole internet is a good idea.

Right, on to things that aren't words, this is my final outcome for the font I had to design; I decided to create a child-friendly typeface and really enjoyed it!
each letter creates a part of the character's face :)
I also have the January blues, so I doodled this too..

More things to come soon, I have a week off so I want to catch up on sketching anything and everything. Hope you're all having a good 2012 so far!

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