Sunday, 11 December 2011

website! almost christmas! good things!

Hello everyone!
I feel like using way too many exclamation marks 
because it's almost christmas again(!)
and December is going far too quickly. 
I want to bottle up December, infact I think that will be my next illustration.
I also turn 22 this month, Madness. But good madness.
anyway, actual *news* - goes live! 

it still needs a few extra tweaks, but overall very happy with my first real attempt at a little bit of web design :)
I'll make sure to post up a blog when I add the shop, which I plan to do over the holidays, which will include things like cards, badges etc. I hope you guys like it :) 
feel free to let me know what you think through the octopus-infested contact page. 

I finish uni for the holidays this friday so expect a crazy-backlog of projects and things I've been working on/toiling over that has meant I haven't been blogging as much.

but for now, here's a doodle I doodled when I was using sponge printing for my fonts project - she has koi for hair because why not?

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