Friday, 11 November 2011

Postcards and Recycled receipts

If you remember me mentioning those number postcards I talked about a few weeks ago, I have finally finished them (unless my tutor says otherwise) so here are the results! I'll put a short explanation next to each number and some initial sketches to give you a better idea of the project.

We had to pick 3 different numbers that had some personal significance to us and then design a postcard to represent each one, these were my initial ideas for the number five (obviously) because I was five when we got our cat - and she lived to the grand age of over 11 in people years & was/is a big part of my life.

and the outcome for my postcard

next was the number 27, which is significant to me because it's my birth date and I kind of think that number makes me, Me. So I went with the middle sketch idea because the symmetry makes it look like a person :)

final outcome:

and finally the number 9, because it just has a funny way of appearing in my life all the time; years, dates, house name it. So since the number leaves me with more questions that answers I decided to combine it with a question mark, and decided the final sketch was the most-effective.

final outcome:
Also to finish off on something non-uni based, here are two receipts I found folded in strange shapes in my pocket that turned into mini doodles

Ooh also also, before I forget, I must mention the really inspiring lecture Brian Grimwood gave at University Campus Suffolk this week, check out his stuff and if you have the chance to go and see him talk do it, because it might just change your life.

Until next time...

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