Friday, 28 October 2011

Fancy seeing you here

Ok, lots more to show today :) this is my latest batch of inked thumb prints that I am currently compiling to make one big exhibition-able collection called 'all thumbs'.

and this is my bride of frankenstein thumb-ink in time for halloween, although I think she looks a bit like Olive Oil from popeye...

and I just love the simplicity of this one

They're always really fun to do, I might add colour to a few of them later to see if it makes any of them more effective. We shall see, I've got some inked life-drawings to put up in the next couple of days as well.. although drawing from life will never be as rewarding for me as *trying* to tease something out of my imagination. stubborn imagination :P


  1. these look awesome! and so fun!!! luv the bride of frankenstein!!!

  2. thank you! I was thinking about turning some of them into badges for halloween :D