Thursday, 1 September 2011

back from Reading festival!

Hello everyone! I am indeed back, I was only out of town for 4 days so you may be wondering why I haven't updated my blog in about a month...but there are far more important things to wonder about :P don't worry though, from now I will (try) to be regularly updating again every few days since I have new merch-type projects in the pipeline (badges and keyrings anyone?) and that will be an adventure in itself since I've never tried to make anything like that before.

SO, Reading, well it was my first time going there so I can't really give you a non-biased opinion of the festival itself - unless you want one, then I'll crank out a whole blog of words because you may not realize this but I am an excellent waffler. I just try not to bore you guys/gals because this is a picture-y place rather than a personal blog. But I did get a tumblr the other day so I could start using that if you want to be nosey. Hmm, anyway

After coming back from the fest with a new-found love for a bunch of new bands (and reaffirming some old ones), I felt a bit inspired and decided to create some quick band logo-type-things that represent their music to me

I've done 2 so far, hopefully a few more to come. 
The first is for Cage the Elephant because I thought they were amazing live, and I really like their sound, and the energy and the lyrics and just everything ^^

The second is for MUSE because they were the biggest headliners for Reading this year and lived up to all of the hype, the performance was intense, the atmosphere was perfect and they had inflatable eyeballs bouncing around the crowd. EYEBALLS!
They played the whole of Origin of Symmetry so I tried to incorporate that into the logo by replacing the U. 

Hope you enjoy them, I still want to do one for Frank Turner and possibly for Friendly Fires and Cults if I have time :)

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