Monday, 4 July 2011

Moar people and some suncatcher designs

A few more people portraits (the second one kind of looks like a scary dot cotton)

As for that possible children's crafts designer role, they filled it, so here are some of my test designs for (seasonal) suncatchers. They vary from more realistic birds to a bit more cuddly looking animals since the age range was pretty big. For anyone who has never really come across a suncatcher think of it like a stain glass window; the design is made up mostly of shapes which the kids can colour in with paint and when you hold it up to the sun all the colours shine through :)

Also the lovely Daniel Brückner invited me to join Artflakes, so now I'm selling some of my work over there :) clicky
I did mention on twitter that I don't really expect people will be able to afford the prints/posters if you're an average student like me, but single greeting cards are around £3 if you're feeling spendy :)

feel free to say hi on twitter btw, the more the merrierrrr


  1. Love your work! It's so much fun.

  2. thank you! I'm really pleased you like it :)