Friday, 3 June 2011

tomorrow is Saturday & Sunday comes.. afterwards

So it must be FRIDAY.
Think I'm going to have to do a rebecca black sketch soon, it's not that she's an easy target....
but she totally is.

Anyway back on planet earth,
I got a nice surprise in the post today :D
(not that I wasn't expecting it, but American shipping usually takes loonger)

Awful/Resilient by Alex Pardee :) and I was also lucky enough to be one of the first 200 orders, so I got one of theseee

but numbered and signed, I would've scanned it but then something bad probably would have happened and I might have cried a little.

For anyone that's a fan of Pardee's work I recommend this book highly,
it even has that new-book smell! and that's a free added extra!
Or if you're a big spender you can wait for the limited edition cover version of the book which will be out a bit later.. but that involves waiting :P

new arts should be up very soon, probably tomorrow, because I'm in a productive mood :]

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