Tuesday, 7 June 2011

'I remember Golden Days when all this was a mystery'

I've got lots of stuff to post in the next few days :) I did just plan to do the rebecca black sketch (just needs to be coloured now) but ended up spending most of yesterday sketching more ideas and then today finishing up this Dresden Dolls piece.

The Dresden Dolls are my favourite band. period. They shaped me into the person I am today and although I may not be fully-shaped yet (ok this metaphor is getting weird) both Amanda and Brian have had a Big impact on me.
The reason I decided to make *this* fan art is because a. about 4 years ago I tried to do some fan art of amanda...it didn't look like amanda (I'll attach it when blogger starts working properly again) so I just wanted to see if I could do an updated version which actually looked semi-realistic. I also tried to draw brian which I didn't dare even do 4 years ago :P he looks almost-himself in this one

and b. I haven't doodled anything DD related in a veeery long time.

so here it is!

all in all happy with it :)
I also forgot (scatterbrain) that I was featured on ArtWaffle *clicky* a few days ago for an interview, it was a pleasure and I really like the variety of different artists the site features.
also also I should be out in print again soon for issue 1 of The Lost Generation. excited! 
will keep y'all posted.

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