Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Help me nyan cat, you're my only hope

So I was watching the un-escapable meme of nyan cat the other day, and it made me think about other things you can find in space...and since I've never seen star trek, and am not into sci-fi that much except for my childhood love of star wars, I thought...let's play on that joke that it's a small world; so space is small too, and that means everything/one in space is bound to bump into eachother once in a while.. And how *confused* would you be if you were flying around in a serious space craft and saw... THAT? 
It brings both the forces of good and evil together to agree on something :P

then there is the killer ovaries illo that I was talking about on twitter, you didn't think I was serious? BEHOLD! 
Right now it's a pretty accurate representation of how I'm spending my time of the month..


  1. hahahaha Nyan wars! this is wicked cool!

  2. haha thanks glad you liked it! :)