Monday, 13 June 2011

Don't quit your day job

Unless you want to, then go ahead and run away with the circus/buy a boat and become a DIY pirate.

But if you don't *have* a day job right now because the government is so incredibly competent bad and Mr. Cameron is a massive genius douchebag for cutting so many people's jobs then maybe you'll relate to today's strip a bit more

- The feeling you get the longer you've been looking for a job because you've been turned down from the things you're actually qualified to do, after about 3 weeks you start to justify reasons for being the perfect person to run a marathon while analysing spread sheets and serving coffee, as long as they pay you over £6 an hour.

and yes, I'm still looking :P
rebecca black sketch should be up tomorrow..

Also I can't finish this entry without showing you this:
Hilarious genius ;)

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