Thursday, 26 May 2011

Summer collage and a bday sketch

Hooray, summer is pretty much finally here (although this non-british HOT weather fooled me with its early glory) and you know what that means...

well, lots of good things, but I'm taking about FESTIVALS!
Ah festivals, the thing I look forward to every year even if I don't end up going.
There's just something so great about wandering around in welly boots, wearing silly hats, singing along with the crowds, getting really drunk and passing out in your tent... ok maybe not the last one.

But anyway today I felt like making a summer-y collage soo

and since I know some of you people like glee (myself included) I decided to put up the birthday sketch I did for a friend as well. What did I learn from making it? - santana is really hard to draw without exaggerating too much or too little.

lord tubbington likes cupcakes.

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