Tuesday, 12 April 2011

who needs redbull when you've got tigerblood?

I'm back :) uni got crazy-busy since it's almost the end of my first year and then HOT weather happened which to every brit means 'find a pair of shorts and meet me at the beach! I don't care if it's April!'

I'm guessing by now you've all seen that infamous Sheen interview and the autotune vid that spawned from that? Regardless of how people feel about Mr. Sheen as an individual, he does come up with some damn good catchphrases.

So now here I am with my sketchy un-finished contribution to this madness, which I accidentally posted to Monday Artday first because I'm a spanner.
Anyway bit late to the party, but a Charlie Sheen party never ends...so
couldn't decide if the thing he's drinking will be tigerblood...or if the tiger actually needs to be bleeding. Will update when it's done :)

Also something faaaar more important to me than Charlie Sheen (namely Harry freakin' Potter) is coming to it's cinematic-end soon (nooo) and I've also drawn a little sketch of Harry, Ron and Hermione which I shall post tomorrow, since it needs cleaning up a bit first.
More uni work to come soon as well
Enjoy :)
hope you all have a great easter/chocolate-related holiday

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