Sunday, 20 February 2011

Something old, something new

Hey everyone, thought I'd do an update even though I don't have much art to show you at the moment
but that'll soon change since I'm challenging myself to buy some paints this week and create a lot of non-uni things,
because Graphic Design is starting to make my brain a bit stale, think I need some time away from my screens and electricals.
Hopefully I won't resort to tree-hugging, we'll see.
Maybe I'll paint an evil tree that goes around hugging people, who knows?

Anyway, the piece I wanted to show you comes from one 'random' day back in college in one of our drawing lessons; and it just so happened that the drawing board that I picked up had white paint smudges on it - I started to draw an outline around the shape and it all went from turned into a kind of ghost-train/truck/flying machine? image with the grim reaper and two guys standing on the back and a bunch of ghosts on the roof...yeah, my imagination must have been pretty buzzed that day.

here's the smaller version, giving you an idea of the overall picture

and here's a biiiiiiiiiiig version if you want to click it to see all the strange details, including some kind of toothy monster holding onto the bottom of the truck
It's a shame all I could get was a camera phone picture...because I quite like the white paint & pen on wood look :)
and although it's taken me a few years to actually post this up, it's probably still one of my favourite doodles

Ok, to end with I shall post up the two umbrellas I have finished already, it's for a uni project and the brief was about experimentation, each person got assigned a different object and colour - mine was 'cerise umbrella' which turns out to be a shade of hot pink which I'm growing quite fond of.
and I'm tip-toeing into print making again which is far less daunting than ink.
first attempt, wanted it to have an underground-ish band flyer feel

and this ones just...weird, but I like it

finally finally before I forget, I wanted to let anyone know who doesn't already about an amazing artist called Alex Pardee. he's quite awesome. I stumbled across him about a year ago, after realizing he was the creator of The Used's heart noose logo (and now their updated logo); and I can safely say he makes all weird things wonderful and all wonderful things weird. Whenever I'm in a creative funk (especially in these cold months) his blog inspires and excites my eyes, and maybe he'll inspire/excite yours too :)
(plus, he likes star wars)

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