Saturday, 26 February 2011

My spidey sense is tingling?

It's Friday, and I bring you news! I'm going to be teaming up with Phantom of Phantom's Reviews and the rest of team awesome (name to be confirmed) to bring you (yes you, or maybe you) a brand new ezine focused on film, games and general good stuff, the first issue will be The Spidey Spectacular - I get to illustrate a bunch of the characters & the front cover :)
here are the character sketches so far...
(I've based them mostly on the 90's cartoon show
since I've never read the comics)

doc oc, and his terrible dress sense

lizard, and his ripped trousers

green goblin, and his halloween-related shenanigans

I like drawing them all squished-down into bite size chunks :)
more process sketches (& these ones coloured) to come

Have a good weekend everyone :]

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