Saturday, 11 September 2010

very quick things

been lacking inspiration lately which is always annoying especially when you have projects to start/finish including a chance to illustrate a page for a children's book for charity.
I know I need to do these things...

anyway, more messings with sketchbook pro,
first the initial sketch which I was starting with

Yaaaaaaaaawn. Nice early-morning stretch.

and here's the texture version without the outline, creates funky effects
tomorrow/sunday I'll try different ways of completing the pic including printing out the texture version
and inking a new outline over it. Will also try vector-ing the original sketch...

 *changes topic*

I'm a big reader of webcomics. I don't read that many non-web comics except Calvin & Hobbes (although their internet database is tres helpful) and JtHM (for anyone who doesn't know what that stands for feel free to google it - Jhonen = artistic hero-person of mine). But yeah, webcomics, I read a lot of 'em. Usually I like them for their immediacy to tell a story or deliver a joke; not so much for the painstaking art..since I understand most webcomicers don't have the time for really fancy images even though all/plenty of them are perfectly capable of producing intricate life drawings when asked.
Just in case you're wondering, my favourites include xkcd, Girls With Slingshots, cyanide & happiness and antics comic.
However I had to do a kind of double-take earlier when I stumbled across Tessa Stone's 'Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name'; because it is seemingly pretty perfect. The story-telling - She uses excellent narration to walk us through the events of the comic, and the audience come to know things as the narrator does, making it way more fun to read because it's as if you're on the journey with him/them/her. The typography - something sometimes overlooked in many webcomics but she makes damn good use of it here! But most obviously and importantly, the way she lays out her strips and colours her art is jealousy-inducing :P It was only when I looked at some fan-art based on the characters that I realized some of the forms & shapes were quite simple, but the life she gave them all with shading. colour and texture made everything look so...inspirational.

It made me want to start a webcomic myself heh. Watch this space? ;]

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