Friday, 24 September 2010

more felixstowey-ness

haven't posting any photos in a while, and looking at Katie's Blog today got me all kinds of inspired (it's amazing!) so I decided to put up my research fotos afterall.

Super image heavy, needs a nice lj cut

this little guy was just hanging out, I'm not too keen on spiders but this one made a for nice photo

loved the way people personalized their beach huts :)

this guy, and the lady dancing to his music, offered plenty of entertainment!
in the otherwise dull town centre

                                                       there's plenty of amusing signs there :]

I opened the book of happiness & found a dedication inside :)

tacky arcades :P the fact they had a 'gamble' button made me laugh

fun with masking tape
and finally we had a sit down in the pub, nice view. Mine's the rum & coke ; )

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