Monday, 13 September 2010

2am sketchyness

I like the inked version :)

Someone was talking about how they played with plastic dinos as a kid and also watched the moon landing when they were ickle inspiring them to go space-exploring - thus, dinosaurs in space!

mandatory alice doodle, I might be doing a wonderland-type theme for my friend's bday card this year..hence the idea. Partly inspired by potato farm girl's grumpy alice : )

brain-splurging some ideas for the children's book page I'm illustrating; going to see the exhibition the book is based on this week so I can get a better feel of what the characters should look like, but it was fun to draw a bunch of grandmas (and one princess leia for no reason).

speaking of star wars, this was my attempt at teeny picture charades last week. Luke/Han Solo is missing, depending which one you think it could be in the first place. Boba fett should be in there too.


  1. Cheers for following my blog!
    I love the Alice in Wonderland sketch! I really want to do a series of characters painted on my bedroom walls, they're just so creative you can do anything with them! and I'm really liking your version!

  2. thankyou both :)
    Ah I imagine an alice theme on the walls would look amazing! would make any room look more magical.
    I'm planning to do a coloured/graphic-y version of that sketch later on, so I hope it'll look even better when finished :)