Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Uni(!) and things that go bump in the night

So my super busy week turned into a super busy week-and-a-half, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

I'm officially starting Graphic Design (Graphic Illustration) in September(!) and very excited about it.
also shocked because my original plan was to go to uni next year, so I didn't go through ucas and didn't have my tutors prepare my portfolio - leaving me very nervous for the interview and in blind panic I bought one of those giant portfolio folders (as pictured in previous rant post) that I thought every uni art student would need; but it turns out graphic design is a happy exception so no mahoosive un-storable folder for me. huzzah.
So expect some nice graphics stuff up starting late September :)

as for the bump in the night, it was more of a buzzing whirring death-rattle kind of sound, scared me half to death and I didn't get much sleep. If it was my pc I'm now also worried it will combust during the night. But all the plugs were switched off at the walls and it was a generally freaky experience.
Maybe I should get someone to exorcise my pc?

Anyways, for now there's daylight and I'm safe, so I'll post some art up later today and the other half of the top 10 list tomorrow.
hooray for pre-winter creativity boosts.
boo for possessed technology.

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