Saturday, 14 August 2010

longest Friday the 13th, ever

So I've been pretty non-bloggish over the past few days,
but fear not - I am working on new things
including the other half of the top 10 blog but figured it could be broken up with s'more art first.
Set up a big cartel store today, it's about time. Getting a 20 pack of postcards delivered next week; really it's just to test them out (although you can never go wrong with but will probably put a pack on the store and some stickers, y'know small things at first. If there's enough interest I'll sort out prints and t-shirts...
So for now I must leave you with these 2 doodles because I've just had a marathon of Friday the 13th movies and am shattered.
The first is a test of dA's newest toy called Muro, tis a self portrait of me looking tired (a very regular occurance). Second is another doctor who sketch - because I love his tiny converse :] which will be refined later.

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