Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Everyone loves a good rant

So, uber mundo silly-busy this week,
got job interview followed by uni interview, it's going to be a bit crazy.
Have some art I've been finding while adding to my portfolio/a picture I drew inspired by my portfolio.

I really do hate those things. I cried a little, and if they weren't inanimate objects I would swear I've found my mortal enemy in Life.
ah well.

This is an earlier rant from a few years ago about our 'daily journey' to college - mine always used to include buses. In the rain. That didn't like showing up. Other than that it was dandy.

Something semi-realistic for a change, a group of us used to draw in the college library and include all the tidbits of conversation into our drawings. This one has such gems as 'Where's the lesbian with the russian hair?' and 'Uh! you electrocuted me in the ear!'
the strange and freaky things we heard in that place...

pretty proud of this one, after weeks and weeks of drawing our life models I think I finally got the hang of it.

Will update again properly sometime after Thursday
with hopeful gooood news

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