Thursday, 22 July 2010


That's how I feel today, I don't know why...

Ok first up, the latitude collage made of all the found-things during the festival
(except a big shiny mask that refused to fit under the scanner)
tis called 'pimms o' clock'
(note to pimms company: this would also make a nice ad for you *nudge wink wink*)

Then there's the doodle I doodled, inspired by Aidan's idea. We'd been trying to watch some 3D movies with those terrible glasses & then Velma came up in conversation :)
'Jinkies in 3D'

Velma copyright to Hanna Barbera / Warner Bros?
spoooooky vision.

also, just typing Velma's name into google images gets you some truly terrifying results!
Who knew she was such a secret kink to people??

Thennn there's the toy story fan art that's totally a WIP & is only there to make you laugh/pity me while I try to finish it up, I'll probably post a few more progress pics before then.
They're not going to look like disney copies because I don't draw like disney : P
I know the new toys aren't in there, I might try and make it bigger...
but it's nice to have most of the classics (with added 3D action).
Needs Improving: Jessie's face needs saving majorly & I wanted woody to be yelling/screaming but couldn't find any decent reference pics : [ damn you cowboy for always being cheery!
Woody will look nearer the forefront and the others will be faded into background once finished.
*hippy voice* it needs depth maaan. serious depth.
Also might move some of the characters around & close up the gap between Mrs. potato head & the aliens.
gaah I wish I wasn't showing you something this rough & sketchy.
But it gives me the incentive to get it finished ;)

That's all for now, long live double rainbows!

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