Saturday, 24 July 2010

craving a wispa bar

just some sketches for today, that imma work on over this week
I've changed the type so it's humanly readable now as well ; )

How to train your dragon (woo) fan art-in-progress
might sponge-paint this one, want it to have a children's book kinda feel..

A vaguely accurate doodle of miss aeriepie I found from a few years ago,
figured it could do with some editing :] I like the way she's placed contently in the corner.
will add typography so the empty space ceases to be.

Dresden Dolls/AFP art, inspired by astronaut ('but, you are my love the astronautttt')
and maybe ampersand, want to make this look all mixed-media-y (and blue)

Ok, I admit I only put this here because I miss drawing yeep : P
tribute to kate nash song

Gaah, I live right near a park that loves to abuse fireworks during the summer, so it doesn't look like I'm going to get any sleep any time soon.. ah well, they're being illegal if it keeps going past 11.
anyone else have fireworks for neighbours?

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