Saturday, 12 June 2010

New post! things! college is actually over?

I haven't updated in forever. I know. But it's only because I've been super busy doing art-things : P
(and not having the internet in our new house for over 3 months)

But I come bearing gifts! otherwise known as photos and artings.

First, a very quick selection of photos from New york, I'll post way more of them up in the next entry so this one doesn't become too image-heavy

Also got my NY sketchbook to scan and post at some point, woo.
Next is the final outcome of my sketchbook workshop, an example of an illustrated film-zine
with a review for Zack & Miri make a porno since I'd only just watched it at the time : P

Then there's my second submission to lengzine, was trying to go for a yogi-bear type feel : )

Second to lastly there's the sneak peak at my final major project work, this being one of my favourite covers out of the bunch, huzzah for gaga (kinda rhymes?) I did want to actually include a telephone without it being on her head..but couldn't decide on placement in the end

Lastly lastly there's the commisioned header I am designing for my talented-reviewer-friend Aidan. He likes concept/process art like me so I figured I'd actually post a sort of before and after, although it's not finished yet.
We developed the idea for him to be in the center with classic horror figures to the left and right of him; since y'know, he loves his horrors :]

Initial sketch is sketchy.

This is the 65/70% complete version, it looks better at full view but there are still changes to be made to the background to make it seamless and the figures themselves need a bit more tone.
Overall I am happy with the progress though : ) and in the meantime I suggest you check Aidan out (no, not in that way..well ok if you insist)
feel free to follow him too if you like non-robotic reviewers that actually put passion & jokes into their writing.

Right, my bed has been taunting me for hours while I've been working, (I know the clock thing says 15.48 but that's cause I started writing the entry, then stopped and thought I'd work on the header for an hour, and an hour turned into 8 hours so now it is 1am and I am tired.) so g'night

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